The Academy welcomes all to apply for admission, is an authorized provider of training for the following partners:

Veterans Administration GI Bill
The Academy encourages and welcomes Veterans to apply to its programs for an efficient path to national certifications in healthcare, particularly for those with military training in the healthcare fields. Eligible veterans and/or their dependents may receive financial assistance for JHA programs. Veterans must complete the necessary documents with the VA, and separately apply to the Academy, to receive benefits.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, a federal program through the Department of Labor, provides funding for eligible citizens seeking training for jobs where the demand is higher than the available trained workforce. Currently, 5 of the JHA programs qualify as authorized training programs for the Alabama and the Jefferson County WIOA programs. Those programs are:

Billing and Coding Specialist
Clinical Medical Assistant
Mental Health Technician
Patient Care Assistant
Sterile Processing Technician

Applicants must qualify for WIOA financial support through the One Stop Career Center, and must apply separately for admission to JHA. These are two separate processes that must be completed for the applicant to qualify for admission and financial assistance.

Alabama Department of Vocational Rehabilitation – All JHA programs have been approved by this department for funding for their clients. The Academy warmly invites persons of all levels of capability to take advantage of the programs it offers. VocRehab clients must be capable of fulfilling all job responsibilities in the area of training, and must complete the application process for admission to Academy program of their choice. The case managers and counselors in the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation have been provided with the Academy Accommodation Policy, and will advise their clients accordingly.

For more information, please call (205) 939-7233.